Today, the Allegrettos are fifteen students pursuing degrees in all of the ten undergraduate colleges on Boston University’s campus. 


And their academic interests aren't the only things that make them unique. Coming from different parts of the United States and globe, they bring their varying cultures and life experiences to the group. 


The Allegrettos are a student-run, coed a cappella group from Boston University. Founded in 1994, the group continues its long legacy of performing not only on BU's campus at various charity and school events, but also at national, a cappella competitions.


From future Biomedical Engineers to Voice Performance majors to varsity soccer athletes, the group is very representative of the diverse community at Boston University as whole.


However, these differences certainly do not translate to their music. Their capitalization of each member’s individual talent and expertise makes for music that is not only well rounded but sonically cohesive

Referred to on campus as the Grettos, the group is well-known for taking popular, Billboard Hot 100 songs and making them nearly ire-cognizable through their intricate arrangements.