Get to the know the bu allegrettos. we're pretty cool.



our history

The Boston University Allegrettos are a student-run co-ed a cappella group founded in 1994. The group performs not only on BU's campus but also at competitions and fellow a cappella groups’ concerts in the Boston area. In addition to performing live music on stage, we've recorded singles and albums for music streaming services. Check us out on Spotify and Apple Music! And... in 2016, we were invited by the Obama Administration to perform at The White House Winter Reception. We got to sing for President Obama and The First Lady. We're still not over it.


The Allegrettos pride themselves on being one of the most academically and culturally diverse a cappella groups on campus. From Quidditch to theatre to Greek life, the group members participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities on and off campus. In addition to academic and extra-curricular interests, the 'Grettos come from many different parts of the world, including California, Hawaii, New York, Taiwan, Germany, and more. Most importantly, the Grettos are a group of best friends who like to sing.


The BU Allegrettos strives to create music that synthesizes the members' musical differences. The group capitalizes on each member's unique talents, such as the beatboxing abilities of David Cheng and the angelic harmonies of high soprano, Camryn Yee. In arrangements, the group is known for coupling popular R&B and Pop songs with uniquely 'Gretto intricacies. The Allegrettos also like to include at least one less well-known song in their set.